Tucson Tourmalet


Ghost bike riding down Hwy-77 in Oro Valley AZ.




This is a desktop background. It started out as clocks, and it turned into a caterpillar.


I made this magazine ad w/ logo for fun last night into this morning while my roommates were playing mine craft. Because, honestly, this is more fun. I agonized a lot over the stem/flame, but I think I finally got it how I like it.


After Hours Poster #1

After Hours 3/2/2012

I made my first real poster at my job today! This will start to show up around campus Monday. Originally I had it without the symbol, but Andrew suggested going through the symbols library and finding something to lay on the background really subtly. I think it sets it off.

New Yob

I was recently hired as a graphic designer/advertiser for my university’s Student Union Network. Basically, I’ll be working on some of the posters for all the events around campus. It’s probably because I’m so good at photoshop.

Fat Pony Desktop Background.

I made this a while ago. Credit for the stars goes to Aiden Shef.