Jorb Interview

So I applied at the Ritz-Carlton in Dove Mountain.  I applied for the Club Level Attendant.  Basically what that entails is bussing and cleaning and bringing out food for the guests who hang out in the Club Level (which apparently is something they pay more for).

I have applied for a bunch of other jobs (mostly retail) but RC were the first to call me.  Needless to say I was excited when they did.

I went in for an interview last night.  I underestimated the resort’s distance from my house; about 30 minutes on the spot.  But it’s a nice drive.  The interviewer was the same man who called me, a Neil Wade.  He’s a kindly fellow, and was very understanding of my lack of work experience and student status.  He just had me answer a few questions.

He told me to wait for a few minutes as he got another guy to come talk to me.  20 minutes is a more accurate value there.  He came back three times to inform me that it would be a few more minutes until the next interviewer could come.  Apparently something came up; they didn’t tell me anything.  There were a few people who came walking back and forth right past me, and it was just a little awkward.

Oh yeah, the interview took place in a little lounge area in the lobby on some comfy chairs.  Not an office or anything conventional like that.

The second guy came, and he was pretty cool.  He talked to me mostly about the shifts and other various things.  The training is a very extensive process which takes a full day, so it will have to be during my break or a weekend if I get hired.  Which I hope happens.  Because this place is awesome.


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