Fish N’ Chips


This is an ad I’ve been working on for my VC class. Let me know if there are an changes I should make.


Restaurant Logo

McCurdy Pub Club

This is for my VC 251 class.


Back in my high school graphic design class, my buddy and I had a running joke that consisted of calling designs out for not being edgy or poppy enough.  The joke was that those words have no construction to them, and are mostly useless.

Obviously, Roadway was the edgiest font back then.




I have no idea where my inspiration of this came from.  I was making a “what the helvetica background” when the idea just came to me.


First VC 251 Project

Rules were:

Include a clear, visible photo of your face.

Include your name in a memorable manner in the design.



A pretty good vector trace I did of my brother’s airplane, for a thank you card I made him.  It’s nothing too complicated, but it’s pretty faithful.